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Welcome to my website!

My name is Dejan. I am a photographer living in Brussels.

My interest in photography goes way back to my early years, however it really caught me when I bought my first semi-professional digital camera. Since then it has been truly an amazing ride. Every shot I've made since, has been a unique experience and I must say it has been a very scenic journey so far. I love creating but even more, I love how photography enables me to come across so many interesting and inspiring people. I feel I'm addicted to it: each shoot just keeps me wanting MORE. There isn't a day that an idea doesn't pop into my head, however with the limited time, many of them are put on the waiting list.

As I have my full-time job, I do photography in my free time as much as the time permits. It is a big passion of mine and I enjoy every moment of it. My interest lies in model photography (portraits, fashion, editorial, artistic) and I occasionally shoot weddings, family portraits and commercial concepts. I am always interested in hearing new ideas, trying new challenges and developing amazing things.

Thank you for reading all this. I hope you find my photos inspiring and I hope our paths do cross one day.

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