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Recent work

You can find below some short impressions and the results of my most recent work.

  • Musicians: Nejc and Mariella

A while ago a friend of mine called me and asked if I would be up for doing a photo shoot with her friend and an amazing pianist Nejc and sopranist Mariella. I couldn't say no. From our first meeting on, it was clear to me what an amazingly creative person he is. It was already then, while sipping our coffee in a sunny Brussels cafe, discussing the shoot, that I felt this will turn out to be a really exciting project. The session was no short of fun and creative input poured from all sides. We had a concert hall and two huge pianos completely for ourselves. Mariella and Nejc were really relaxed and everything went smoothly. Somewhere half way through the session there was a moment, when the camera completely vanished out of their mind... The two, being in the mood, performed one of the famous classics... For me it felt like the time stopped. I still get goose bumps when I recall those moments. AMAZING!

Find more about Nejc at his home page: http://nejclavrencic.com/


  • Model: Judith , MUA: Shahbana

Another amazing shoot. The idea was, to bring out the spring spirit. Gardening, flowers, everything blooming... I went scouting to a local "pepiniere" to see if they would allow us to have the shoot there. The owners were very friendly and basically they gave the whole store completely to our disposal. Of course we grabbed the opportunity and made some fabulous shoots. It was really lots of fun and laughter, trying to do silly stuff in the middle of literally thousands of pots with flowers. And people buying seeds and plants got a bit of a show too.

  • Model: Marie, MUA: Magda

We did 2 looks in one day. The idea was to use balloons and put the model into water to make things more interesting. The other shoot was more of a sexy look. In the area of low key tones. Throw in some color gels and a borrowed fog machine and let the fun begin. The sessions went amazingly well and the team did a great job. The creativity and atmosphere with the girls is always just breathtaking. I am more than satisfied with the results!

  • Model: Amber

After a very successful shoot with Amber a couple of months ago, her mother contacted me, to create some First Communion photos for her. She wore the same dress as on her big day. It's always so much fun working with children. They can be so spontaneous and they really return all the energy you invest.

  • Models: Dash and Birgham, MUA: Magda

The guys contacted me to do some shots for their portfolio. We decided to go for the Belgian coast as the scene. The whole day was so much fun and it was such a pleasure to work with these guys. Each of them did a fabulous job. And not to forget - Brugge waffles are  legendary and a must if you are already near by.